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A Recap of 2012

2012 proved to be somewhat of a challenging year. We ended the year up 8 units from 2011 which is by no means a great accomplishment, but proves that we have been able to weather yet another storm. The ever changing economy poses threats to most businesses and industries, which we are all aware of, but being the manufacturer of a high quality, very labor intensive product, it has definitely taken its’ toll on us.

Being a family owned and operated business, our ultimate goal is to build a strong product that we trust on the roads. We enjoy knowing each customer and dedicating ourselves to creating the trailer they truly want and need. Our product continues to improve, get stronger and even more customizable, with great help from our customers themselves.

In 2012 we realized we really had to try much harder for each and every trailer sale. We had to go above and beyond, even what we normally do, with our customers. Our belief is it is truly a sign of the times. We are all managing with less disposable income, so a high dollar purchase is a bigger decision to most people than it was 5-10 years ago.

We enjoy our business and our customers; we enjoy working individually with each customer to design a trailer that best suits their needs and eliminates stress. 2012 was a good year for us at Loadmaster, not a great year, but we are working to make changes in 2013 to help our growth!

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