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A Simple Way of Life

We just returned from a trip to New Hampshire and Vermont during peak foliage season. As we drove through the mountains, amazed at the beautiful vistas of mountains and small lakes, I couldn’t help but imagine these lakes and ponds 50-60 years ago adorned with Classic Wooden Boats. Since we truly custom build every trailer, we have come to learn a lot about the boats of yester years and how very classic and special they are. Imagine how beautiful it must have been 60 years ago at the lakes, scattered with boats such as Chris Craft, HackerCraft, Century, Belle Isle, Dodge, Garwood, Lyman, Owens, Riva, Fay and Bowen, Hutchinson, White, Mathews just to name a few. When a potential customer contacts us about a trailer for his/her special classic boat, we love talking with them about the boat and hear incredible stories about how they came to own their boat. Some are inherited; others go looking for a certain model and year boat to replace one they remember as a child, hoping to recreate these memories for their own children. I think many people also just want to go back to a less complicated way of life; and what could be more calming than driving on a lake in a classic wooden boat, no radios, no radar, just the sounds of the water and the boat’s engine. As owners of this company, we are hoping that after elections, we will be able to start looking into purchasing one of these special boats. Since we love all of the above mentioned manufacturers, we will be going into this with an open mind and will certainly enjoy the learning process about each manufacturer. If anyone has some good ideas for a first time buyer, please let us know.

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