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Another Happy Loadmaster Trailer Customer

April 2nd, 2014 · No Comments

Barrett Richard of Alabama:
“Thanks for the new trailer. What a pleasant experience. Megan and Gary do all they can to make sure your have all the right information to make the best decisions you can when it comes to optioning a trailer to your liking. Once the boat was loaded on the new trailer you could tell that all the claims were true, weight distribution is spot on and she sat perfectly square on the keel, and towing manners are better than what I had before. I am looking forward to not having trailer issues for many, many miles.
Thanks again Loadmaster!”

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Awesome Testimonial

March 28th, 2014 · No Comments

We received a wonderful testimonial today!
“Megan and Gary: I would like to thank you for building my trailer. This is the best built trailer I have ever had; towing home across the turnpike running 80 mph without any problems. Brakes worked wonderful and the trailer tracked steady and true. I followed all of your instructions about tightening lug nuts after 1/2 hour running. In the other hour of running, after checking them, they were perfect. I was so impressed when you took us through the building of a trailer. It was very impressive. Being in the steel industry for 41 years, I noticed the cold bending of the main angles was spot on. Your welds were ground smooth with no slag holes and shaped perfect angles to the steel. The paint was perfect, no orange peel and just a quality job. I am glad I upgraded to all stainless hardware. This makes a world of difference. All in all I would like to thank you for building me a top quality trailer. At this time I would like to thank you again for your warm hospitality and kindness to two people you never met before. I will tell everybody that I know who wants a trailer to look you up on the net and deal with good people like you. In closing, thank you very much.”
Bart A. Boggia
Brilliant, OH

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Boat Trailer Market Demands are Changing

February 25th, 2014 · No Comments

More and more we are hearing customers saying “I want a custom trailer. I don’t like the boat trailer that was provided with my boat.” Some say “I’ve had an insufficiently or ill-fitting trailer for too long, it’s not worth the headache and constant worry.” In years past, most consumers were shopping primarily based on price, rather than quality and design. Luckily for us at Loadmaster, we are seeing a shift. Far too many people have had poor trailers or issues with under-rated or difficult to load boat trailers and are searching for a custom, worry-free trailer. This is where we step in.

Each Loadmaster Trailer is built to order for the boat it will be accommodating. We work one on one with every customer to ensure that we design a trailer most suitable for their boat’s hull and their boating and towing lifestyle. We take pride in getting to really know our customers and develop a relationship with them!

Please feel free to give us a call at 800-258-6115 or email us at loadmaster@cros.net for a quote on a custom boat trailer for your vessel! It’s time to own a boat trailer you can trust!

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Loadmaster Trailer under brand new Harris FloteBote

January 17th, 2014 · No Comments

Loadmaster Trailer was asked to build a custom boat trailer for Brunswick’s new Harris FloteBoat. The boat and trailer were displayed in front of the New York Stock Exchange! A photo and article can be found in the January 2014 publication of Soundings Trade Only!

Check out our sweet Loadmaster custom boat trailer under the new Harris FloteBoat in front of the NYSE!

Check out our sweet Loadmaster custom boat trailer under the new Harris FloteBoat in front of the NYSE!

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Storing your boat this Winter?

October 7th, 2013 · No Comments

As the boating season comes to an end for the seasonal boaters, it’s sad to think of tucking your boat away for the Winter time. Don’t forget to go through your checklist to ensure your boat is safe and taken care of during its’ hibernation.

One idea to consider is the cost savings of storing your boat on a trailer vs having the marina rack store it, or set it on pads. Also, with a boat trailer, you have the ability to find your own storage location without being at the mercy of a marina, which can usually save you thousands.

If you already have a trailer, remember that if you store the boat and trailer outside, you will want to cover your wheels to protect against dry rot. Also, be sure to set the tires to their maximum inflation to prevent any unnecessary damage. It is never a bad idea to place the tires of the trailer on wood/2X4’s or something flat rather than on gravel if possible.

There are numerous options available in terms of how to properly care for your boat and/or trailer during the months in which you are not able to boat. Little changes make a big difference!

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Trailer Side Guides

September 25th, 2013 · No Comments

One common trend we have noticed is that more and more customers are requesting side guides on their trailers. The bunking system on a new Loadmaster Trailer typically does not require a customer to purchase side guides because the bunks are contoured to fit the hull, while also provided full keel support. Typically making loading and launching a breeze without any sort of accessory’s assistance. However, we are hearing more people say that they like the visual impact the side guides have when the boat operator is getting ready to load the boat on the trailer.

At Loadmaster Trailer we tend to use an all structural style side guide with gel, non-marking rollers. We can also use a longer structural PVC style side guide. There is rounded steel reinforced inside the PVC to allow these guides to be far more structural than the after market style you can purchase at a store.

Most bass boaters or those with similar style trailers are used to the horizontal, carpeted bunk style side guide. We don’t typically recommend this style side guide support but are able to build them if really desired by our customers.

What many customers fail to realize at first is that all trailer manufacturers build a different style trailer. Some of the stock trailers that are more of a generic set up really do benefit by having the side guides as a loading tool. With proper bunking set up and keel support, oftentimes side guides are not needed unless you load at a really steep ramp where the boat’s hull does not make contact with any of the bunking, or if you load in a very windy or tidal situation.

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Trailer Brakes

September 25th, 2013 · No Comments

There are numerous theories out in the boating world as to which braking system is best for boat trailers. The answer is that it really does depend on each customer situation as well as how the trailer itself will be used. The on-going dilemma is surge vs electric, and also drum vs disc.

The benefit to a surge brake system is that the brakes are able to be activated with pretty much any tow vehicle, there is no additional wiring required. The disadvantage is that they are not legal in every state or province, they do not provide any braking in reverse and can lock up on you if I you try to back up any sort of an incline.

With electric or electric over hydraulic braking, the customer does need to have a brake controller installed inside the tow vehicle, and needs to be sure the proper wiring is provided in the tow vehicle. This system, however, is legal all throughout the US and Canada, they active in forward and reverse and do not lock up on you. You do want to be sure, however, that the trailer manufacturer uses sealed connections and components.

Disc brakes require less maintenance than drum, however they are typically a fair amount more expensive. For saltwater use, it is always recommended that a customer choose disc brakes rather than drum.

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Labor Day Exhaustion

September 4th, 2013 · No Comments

Lake Erie was swarming with tourists this past weekend as the Tall Ships made their way to Port Clinton, Ohio and the surrounding area. Over 20 Tall Ships planted themselves in Port Clinton, on Put In Bay Island, at Catawba Island Club, in Pelee Island Canada etc. and they were quite the sight to see!

A 200 year tribute to the Battle of Lake Erie/1812, the tall ships were organized for a re-enactment of the battle. Enthusiasts were able to pay to ride aboard the tall ships as they ventured out to the open waters to relive the battle of huge significance that took place years ago.

Thousands of boats were seen flying “Don’t Give Up the Ship” banners, while others gathered to watch in awe of the impressive replication of the ships that sailed our Great Lake 200 years ago.

Now, following the long Labor Day Weekend many people are settling back into the grind of their children being back in school, teachers back to work, and for many, the sadness that their seasonal boating adventure have come to a near close.

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Custom Paint Colors

May 3rd, 2013 · No Comments

To many people, picking the color of their boat trailer is not a pressing issues. To some, however, creating the perfect color combination for both boat and trailer is a critical option. It is safe to say that we work with a wide variety of customers. Some whom are very laid back and trust us to choose their color match, and others whom will work with us, one on one, to ensure the trailer color is the perfect match.

With advances in technology, we now can use a paint gun to “shoot” a color sample. The gun with calculate out a paint code that can be cross referenced into our system, to ensure an accurate paired color match.

It really is a fun business to be in. Because we build to order, we are able to create a truly custom package of boat and boat trailer. We always enjoy when our customers come to pick their trailers up and we get to give them a tour of our facility. Many people are intrigued and impressed at the simplicity, yet intricacy of our build and design process.

When purchasing a boat, whether new or old, most people take plenty of time to make sure they choose a vessel that suits their life style, fits their needs, and appeals to their senses. Why not combine that boat with a custom fit trailer painted to match, in order to create a true “package” deal?

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Used Boat Trailers as of April 23, 2013

April 23rd, 2013 · No Comments

We currently have three used boat trailers: two small single axles and one light weight tandem axle. All used trailers are located in Port Clinton, Ohio. Please call 419-732-3434 or email loadmaster@cros.net with questions.

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