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What Makes a Good Boat Trailer?

April 17th, 2013 · No Comments

Obviously, as with any product, there are different offerings. Every trailer manufacturer builds a different product: some use the same material, some offer bunks, rollers or screwpads, some are custom built while others are pre-fabbed. The question is, how do you know which trailer will work for your boat’s hull?

Well, if you work with a company such as us, Loadmaster Trailer, you are working with the manufacturer directly to build you a trailer custom for your boat. This way you can ensure proper fit, axle placement etc. However, there are only a few trailer companies left truly building each boat trailer to order the way we do.

Most consumers are looking to purchase a trailer they can walk in and buy. Obviously, in this scenario, you can expect the trailer will need some adjustment to properly fit your boat’s hull, to eliminate the risk of causing damage.

Key items to know: GVWR vs Payload. Let’s say your boat weighs 4,000 lbs. dry and you walk into a marina or dealership, and they try to sell you a trailer with a “rating” of 5,000 lbs. What you need to ask is if that is GVWR or Payload. GVWR is the rating of axles, tires, tongue weight etc. From that GVWR you have to subtract the weight of the trailer itself to get actual Payload. So if the GVWR of the trailer, in this example, was 5,000 lbs. it would not be nearly enough trailer for your boat.

Weight: keep in mind the dry weight does not include fuel, water, batteries, gear, live wells etc. Oftentimes, if your boat has Outboard motors, it does not include that weight as well. Be sure to give yourself some cushion as you never want to run the trailer to its’ full capacity.

Fit: know your boat’s overall length from the transom to the further tip forward. Your trailer should be at least that length, idealy a couple feet longer. You can protect the transom of your boat but ensure that supports run all the way to it. Some pre fabbed trailers stop the bunking 3 or 4 feet short in the back, which can really mess with tongue weight/sway, and also possibly create boat damage.

If you are looking for a trailer that is already built, and want to go with bunks, be sure the bunks are fully adjustable and have full keel support down the center. This will prolong the life of the hull and make sure you don’t cause damage when loading and launching.

These are just a few pointers to help you when looking at a boat trailer for your ride. Good luck, and happy boating!

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Spring Boating: Still the Best

April 16th, 2013 · No Comments

Don’t get me wrong, I love boating year round, however the excitement leading up to Spring boating is the best. Being a Mid-Western, we don’t get to boat for 6 months out a season, so when the Spring weather turns and the boats settle into the water, it’s a very anxious feeling! It’s right around the corner, I can smell it!! Happy boating everyone, enjoy the water!!!

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Every Changing Industry

February 15th, 2013 · No Comments

It is cliche to say, but yet so true, that “times are changing!” We have noticed a swing in our customer base. Where many boaters are very laid back and enjoy the simple pleasures that boating and sailing have to offer, we have noticed that our customers are become more and more detail oriented, which is a good thing! We like the customers are doing their research because purchasing their new boat trailers, and trying to sort through the facts versus the “selling points.” Every industry has competition, and we are lucky that in most cases, the relationship between boat trailer manufacturers remains pretty steady.

It is, however, sad for us to see the number of boat and trailer manufacturers that are either going out of business, merging, filing bankruptcy and starting over, or just throwing in the towel. We believe so deeply in the marine industry, it is crucial that we all bond together to create a steady and supportive environment for us all to grow. Yes, no two boat trailers are completely alike, so with that comes health competition, but it’s good that between all the trailer companies around right now, there are numerous options to choose!

Spring boating for us seasonal boaters is just around the corner, for you warm weather residents, kudos to you for being able to boat and sail year-round! I am most certainly jealous!

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Motorcycle Small Flatbed for Sale

February 7th, 2013 · No Comments

We have this motorcycle trailer for sale for $2,200.00. Aluminum wheels, custom flatbed with ramp and bug guard. Painted Black, Single Axle. Please call 800-258-6115!!

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BIG NEWS: Loadmaster now has financing options available!!!!!

January 25th, 2013 · No Comments

New details to come soon!

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Life in Port Clinton, Ohio

January 15th, 2013 · No Comments

Yesterday morning on my way to work, my car thermometer said the outside temperature was 14 degrees. As I rounded a curve that overlooks Lake Erie, there was no longer free flowing water as it had been replaced by chunks of ice. It was actually a beautiful sight, especially from inside a heated car! It made me wonder if people who live in northern climates would appreciate the boating season as much if they didn’t have the winter down time? And I’m not sure I know the answer. Last year my husband and I purchased a Florida home hoping that we will have time in the future to be “Snowbirds”. And I’ve noticed that when we are down there, we do not boat as frequently as I thought we would because we know there will be plenty of warm days ahead. There is no limited boating season. So sometimes we just relax on the dock and watch the boats go buy. The people who fish seem to go out all the time. Then we see the occasional boat with 2-4 couples going out together. [Read more →]

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A Recap of 2012

January 7th, 2013 · No Comments

2012 proved to be somewhat of a challenging year. We ended the year up 8 units from 2011 which is by no means a great accomplishment, but proves that we have been able to weather yet another storm. The ever changing economy poses threats to most businesses and industries, which we are all aware of, but being the manufacturer of a high quality, very labor intensive product, it has definitely taken its’ toll on us.

[

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Happy Holidays from Loadmaster Trailer

December 11th, 2012 · No Comments

We are offering our Holiday Promotion, now through Dec 21st. With a $1,000.00 deposit, you can secure 2012 pricing, any date your choose for a 2013 pick up, Free LED lights and a Free Mount!!! Lock it in while you can!!!

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Thanksgiving is Quickly Approaching

November 16th, 2012 · No Comments

With the holiday right around the corner, try to remember to enjoy and relax, rather than stress. The meaning of Thanksgiving is to show appreciation for all the we have, and for those loved ones around us! Loadmaster will be shut down from Thursday Nov 22nd through Monday Nov 26th, re-opening on Tuesday Nov 27th.

Thank YOU, our loyal Loadmaster customers and followers, for being so awesome!!!

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Winter Woes

October 31st, 2012 · No Comments

Hi Fellow Boaters!

It seems Tropical Storm, Sandy, has done quite a lot to our beautiful country. We are praying for those who have been affected by her terrible winds and rain, and are hoping for a full recovery for the East Coast. Located in Port Clinton, Ohio on Lake Erie, we felt a lot of what Sandy had to offer, and can only imagine the devastation she brought to the coast line. We remain hopeful for those who need hope right now! Our best wishes!

The Staff of Loadmaster Trailer Company Ltd.

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