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Boat Trailer Market Demands are Changing

More and more we are hearing customers saying “I want a custom trailer. I don’t like the boat trailer that was provided with my boat.” Some say “I’ve had an insufficiently or ill-fitting trailer for too long, it’s not worth the headache and constant worry.” In years past, most consumers were shopping primarily based on price, rather than quality and design. Luckily for us at Loadmaster, we are seeing a shift. Far too many people have had poor trailers or issues with under-rated or difficult to load boat trailers and are searching for a custom, worry-free trailer. This is where we step in.

Each Loadmaster Trailer is built to order for the boat it will be accommodating. We work one on one with every customer to ensure that we design a trailer most suitable for their boat’s hull and their boating and towing lifestyle. We take pride in getting to really know our customers and develop a relationship with them!

Please feel free to give us a call at 800-258-6115 or email us at loadmaster@cros.net for a quote on a custom boat trailer for your vessel! It’s time to own a boat trailer you can trust!

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