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Boat Trailers: How can they save you money?

Buying a proper fitting boat trailer can actually save you money! How you may ask?

Many marinas and storage facilities are increasing their storage fees each year, not to mention labor fees for putting boats in the water, taking them out, or moving them around.

Purchasing a properly fitting boat trailer can, over a few years (maybe less), save you quite a bit of money. My suggestion is to calculate what you pay for a year’s boat storage. Also calculate marina fees for putting your boat in the water, pulling your boat, moving your boat so you can clean it or work on it etc.

If you want to get a quote on a custom boat trailer for your boat to compare the pricing, feel free to enter your information here http://www.loadmastertrailerco.com/get-a-quote/

Storing your boat on a trailer not only provides you the flexibility to take your boat in and out as you please, travel to new boating areas, and clean/work on your boat as you want, but it also allows you the freedom to be in control of your hobby and your boat. It is very important to remember, however, that you want to be sure that the trailer’s bunking configuration is set up specifically for your boat. Otherwise, storing your boat on the trailer may actually cause harm to the hull and or/damage the fiberglass or wood. On the up side, having a custom set up boat trailer will protect your boat’s hull as it is supporting the hull and keel where it needs it most. Get a quote and see how long it would take for you to actually save money by storing your boat on your own trailer, rather than leave it at the mercy of your boat yard/marina.

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