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Get a Quote on a Custom Boat TrailerAt Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD., all boats are special and unique which is why we custom build each trailer. Some boats need extra special trailer design and features to properly support the boat. Catamaran hulls are definitely in this category. Not only do they need unique and special bunking, but the different bow configurations require special bow stop/winch stands. Depending on the Catamaran Boat’s design and manufacturer specifications, catamaran boat trailers usually have unique bunking which includes a center support system plus bunking under the two sponsors. All of the bunking is out of treated lumber that has been routed along the edges and then covered with our special marine carpet. The bunking is designed not only to properly support the boat, but to allow easy floating on and off of the boat. Often, a little extra trailer length is necessary to achieve this and to accommodate the specialty bow stop/winch stand. Many catamaran boat owners also elect to get a front ladder assembly, allowing them easy access to their boat.


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Every Loadmaster trailer is custom painted for freshwater usage, or hot-dip galvanized for saltwater use.

All Loadmaster trailers are equipped with the following:
-Mig-welded, c-channel steel construction Epoxy Primer, Polyurethane paint, Clear coat and Optional Pinstripe -Drop Center, leaf spring, safe-t-lube axles -All-wheel, electric drum brakes – Radial Tires -Marine Carpeted, treated lumber bunking -Structural Fenders with anti-skid -Bow Stop/Winch Stand with heavy-duty manual 2-speed winch. -2,000lbs to 12,000lbs Tongue Jacks, depending on trailer size -5,000lbs to 30,000lbs Coupler, depending on trailer size -Sealed, submersible lights and all DOT required reflective tape -Emergency safety cables and battery powered breakaway system. For saltwater usage, not only do our trailers come hot-dip galvanized, but they also have all stainless steel hardware and then different braking options.

For minimal saltwater exposure, an all-wheel freshwater brake flush system for the standard drum brakes is the least expensive option. From there, you can upgrade to either e-coated or stainless/cadmium disc brakes with either a surge or electric over hydraulic activation system. Since each trailer is built for each customer, the choice of braking systems, paint color, type of wheels, ladders, structural side guide (to help loading the boat) and other options is yours. These photos of Loadmaster Catamaran Boat Trailer are samples, as each boat’s design is unique. All of our trailers do have the appropriate bunking and bow stop for your boat. For a quote, please telephone 1-800-258-6115 or submit a trailer request form on our website.