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Custom Paint Colors

To many people, picking the color of their boat trailer is not a pressing issues. To some, however, creating the perfect color combination for both boat and trailer is a critical option. It is safe to say that we work with a wide variety of customers. Some whom are very laid back and trust us to choose their color match, and others whom will work with us, one on one, to ensure the trailer color is the perfect match.

With advances in technology, we now can use a paint gun to “shoot” a color sample. The gun with calculate out a paint code that can be cross referenced into our system, to ensure an accurate paired color match.

It really is a fun business to be in. Because we build to order, we are able to create a truly custom package of boat and boat trailer. We always enjoy when our customers come to pick their trailers up and we get to give them a tour of our facility. Many people are intrigued and impressed at the simplicity, yet intricacy of our build and design process.

When purchasing a boat, whether new or old, most people take plenty of time to make sure they choose a vessel that suits their life style, fits their needs, and appeals to their senses. Why not combine that boat with a custom fit trailer painted to match, in order to create a true “package” deal?

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