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Every Changing Industry

It is cliche to say, but yet so true, that “times are changing!” We have noticed a swing in our customer base. Where many boaters are very laid back and enjoy the simple pleasures that boating and sailing have to offer, we have noticed that our customers are become more and more detail oriented, which is a good thing! We like the customers are doing their research because purchasing their new boat trailers, and trying to sort through the facts versus the “selling points.” Every industry has competition, and we are lucky that in most cases, the relationship between boat trailer manufacturers remains pretty steady.

It is, however, sad for us to see the number of boat and trailer manufacturers that are either going out of business, merging, filing bankruptcy and starting over, or just throwing in the towel. We believe so deeply in the marine industry, it is crucial that we all bond together to create a steady and supportive environment for us all to grow. Yes, no two boat trailers are completely alike, so with that comes health competition, but it’s good that between all the trailer companies around right now, there are numerous options to choose!

Spring boating for us seasonal boaters is just around the corner, for you warm weather residents, kudos to you for being able to boat and sail year-round! I am most certainly jealous!

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