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Why don’t we have stocking dealers?

Each of our boat trailersis custom built for the boat it is ordered to support.  Because of this we do not have any stocking dealers.  Although our trailers are “adjustable” we build each one to the proper set up of a specific boat.  The axle placement, axle and tire size, cross member supports, bunking configuration etc. are all set up for the boat the trailer is built to support. We do have dealers but each trailer they order is for a specific boat as well.

Do we deliver?

We outsource our delivery so the trailers can be delivered anywhere in the continental US or any US/Canada border.  The transport company asks for an address and they hook up and pull the trailer to the location of your choice. They are fully insured and very reliable. We can refer our customers to a freight forwarder for overseas shipping. If there is more than one trailer going to a similar location, we will stack the trailers to save our customers on delivery.  Loadmaster does not make any money on delivery, the freight cost can be paid directly to the transport company.

Why don’t we use rollers on our trailers?

Rollers can actually damage the hull of a boat. For this reason we only use treated lumber, marine carpeted bunks to support the hulls of the boats we build trailers for. For sailboat trailers our customers can choose from bunks or screwpads.

Why is the standard braking system electric and not surge?

Electric brakes provide instant activation as well as full braking power in reverse.  All of our trailers are equipped with all wheel brakes ranging from single to quad axle trailers. Also, surge brakes are not legal in over half of the US states.  These states have a law that says you have to be able to independently activate the trailer brakes from inside the tow vehicle.  They are referring to the brake controller unit inside a tow vehicle for the electric brakes.  We believe stopping the weight behind you is incredibly important and electric brakes provide the proper power to do so.  We can, of course, build surge if you prefer, if they are legal in your state of registration.  We also have electric over hydraulic brakes which are 50 state legal (drum or disc) and we can even do air over hydraulic brakes.

Where are our trailers made?

All of our trailers are made in Port Clinton, Ohio and all of our trailers are made out of C Channel steel (either custom painted or hot dip galvanized).