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Full Keel Powerboats

Get a Quote on a Custom Boat TrailerFull Keel Powerboats require additional support to make sure the hull is properly protected. Most full keeled powerboats require a keel rest and/or keel guide to ensure it is properly supported. The keel rest is structurally welded into the trailer, assuring strong support under the keel. The keel guide aids in the loading and launching process of the lobster boat, to ensure this process is as simple as possible. Treated lumber, marine carpeted bunks are used to support each boat’s full keel, strake locations and hull design. Each boat is truly unique which is why Loadmaster customizes each trailer to the boat it will be supporting.

Loadmaster boat trailers are built to order for boats ranging in length from 18-50′ and all are constructed out of C Channel steel. Our boat trailers can be custom painted for freshwater use or hot dip galvanized for saltwater use. Saltwater boat trailers are also equipped with stainless steel hardware and various brake options. If your boat has a single Inboard engine Loadmaster builds a Notchback end configuration. If your boat has twin Inboard engines we will build an Openback or Flyback end configuration so the props are not damaged when loading the boat on and off the trailer. Oftentimes with larger full keel powerboats our customers will choose the Sling Pocket option. These sling pockets are reinforced breaks in the bunking to allow for the slings to be removed from beneath the hull without hassle. This option is for people who plan to hoist or sling their boat on and off their Loadmaster trailer.

If you plan to load and launch your Full Keel Powerboat boat from the water you may also want to consider our Tongue Extension. If your full keel powerboat has a tall draft, launching the boat at a normal ramp can be difficult if there is not enough water depth. The tongue extension enables you to submerge more of your trailer into the water to obtain more depth. Please view the photos of our trailers constructed to support full keel powerboats. Also keep in mind that each Loadmaster trailer is unique and these photos are just a sample of the options available. You will notice the adequate keel support and quality construction to ensure that You Begin and End Your Journey with the Finest!! by choosing a Loadmaster trailer for your Full Keel Powerboat! For a quote please call 800 258-6115 or submit the form on our website with the requested information on your boat and we will email you a quote shortly.


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