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Life in Port Clinton, Ohio

Yesterday morning on my way to work, my car thermometer said the outside temperature was 14 degrees. As I rounded a curve that overlooks Lake Erie, there was no longer free flowing water as it had been replaced by chunks of ice. It was actually a beautiful sight, especially from inside a heated car! It made me wonder if people who live in northern climates would appreciate the boating season as much if they didn’t have the winter down time? And I’m not sure I know the answer. Last year my husband and I purchased a Florida home hoping that we will have time in the future to be “Snowbirds”. And I’ve noticed that when we are down there, we do not boat as frequently as I thought we would because we know there will be plenty of warm days ahead. There is no limited boating season. So sometimes we just relax on the dock and watch the boats go buy. The people who fish seem to go out all the time. Then we see the occasional boat with 2-4 couples going out together. The recreational boaters like us seem to be less frequent. I think when you don’t always have something (such as good boating weather) you tend not to take it for granted and learn to treasure the days you do have. So when your next snow storm hits, don’t fret. Boating season is just around the bend.

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