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Loadmaster Trailers: What Makes Us Unique

Each boat trailer company does things differently. We all use different size components such as: axles, tires, tongue jacks, winch stands, frame sizes, bunking, braking components etc. So how is it possible to compare apples to apples?

Comparision between trailer companies can be difficult, but a picture is worth a thousand words in the trailer market. Off first glass you can notice quite a bit of difference between aluminum and steel trailers, bunks vs roller trailers and others.

Loadmaster is unique in that EACH trailer is built to order. We only use C Channel steel (either painted or galvanized) because with tube steel there is no way to prime or paint the inside, which causes internal rusting over time.

Loadmaster also only use a treated lumber, marine carpeted bunk system for hull support. Rollers can damage a fiberglass hull (some boat manufacturers will void a gel coat and/or hull warranty if their boat is set on a roller trailer).

Furthermore, Loadmaster trailer co. offers endless option opportunities allowing us to truly customize the trailer to your needs. You can choose options for fresh vs salt water use, braking systems, colors/galvanizing, and many many more features to make your trailer as user friendly as desired.

Each Loadmaster is built to the spec of the boat. If you are quoting around for a boat trailer, we encourage you to compare apples to apples, and if you need help, please feel free to let us know! 800 258-6115.

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