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The term “powerboats” encompasses an array of engine types and hull designs, which is why so many different boat trailer designs are necessary. Powerboat trailers can come with a variety of different options with each option specifically tailored to meet the needs of your particular boat.


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Standard Features of all Loadmaster Power Boat Trailers:

– All mig-welded structural C Channel steel frame
– All wheel electric, drum brakes (legal in all states and Canada unlike surge)
– Adjustable treated lumber, marine carpeted bunks, set specifically for your boat’s hull
– Structural fenders with anti-skid
– Epoxy primer, polyurethane paint with clear-coat
– Hand Painted custom pinstripes
– Adjustable Safe-T-Lube, Drop center, submersible axles
– Sealed and submersible lighting system
– Radial tires with silver, e coated wheels
1,500 lb., 2,000 lb., 7,000 lb or 10,000. lb tongue jack
– Adjustable Bowstop/ Winchstand with Two Speed manual winch with winch strap
– Locking coupler
– D.O.T. reflective tape (10,000 lb. + GVWR)
– Two (2) Safety Cables/Chains & self-charging break away system
– Structural 3 year warranty
– One year paint and 5 year Galvanizing warranty

Options and Configurations

End configurations are determined by engine types and locations. Bunking designs are determined by hull design and fabrication. Whichever combination best fits your boat, your Loadmaster boat trailer will include all the above standard features along with an abundance of bunking that allows for easy and non-damaging loading and launching, while properly supporting the hull according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The center bunking goes all the way forward on the trailer for all V-Hull boats, protecting the bow from possible damage in deep launching situations. On larger boats, thru-hull intakes, straight inboard engine shafts, strake locations, and hull design must be taken into account to properly set-up the boat trailer bunking.

Our mig-welding construction with numerous cross-members enables us to build high quality heavy-duty boat trailers for almost any style boat ranging in length from 18′-52′ with Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR) ranging from 3,675 lb. – 36,800 lb. Frame sizes range from 4″ C-Channel to 8″ C- Channel with a 3″ reinforcement bridge fabrication. We use the boat’s center of gravity to determine axle placement, appropriate tongue weight, and dimensions for our boat trailers. All Loadmaster boat trailers are 8’6″ outside fender to outside fender in width.

Loadmaster powerboat trailers are truly unique and designed just for you! We have standard frame, axle, and tire sizes that are combined to provide you the ideal carry capacity for your towing style. What makes them truly unique? We set the treated lumber, marine carpeted bunks to YOUR boat hull design. This helps to ease the loading and launching process, while ensuring your hull is adequately supported for safe towing and storage.