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Sailboat Trailers: Differences

Each boat trailer manufacturer may build their trailers differently. The biggest decision for most sailboat owners when deciding on a sailboat trailer, is whether they should use a bunk or screw pad style support system.

At Loadmaster we tell our customers this simple rule: If you plan to float your sailboat on and off the trailer, the bunk style set up usually makes it quite a bit easier.

If you plan to hoist your sailboat on and off the trailer, the choice is yours, however, a lot of customers like the screw pads because they make working on the boat a little easier, while it is on the trailer.

There are customizable options for either set up: if you plan to float the sailboat on and off the trailer you can build a tongue extension to help add length. For hosting on and off, if you still want bunks, you can get sling pocket cut outs.


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