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Get a QuoteLoadmaster has built Specialty Boat Trailers for Catamarans, Tunnel Hulls, Lobster Boats, Full Keel Powerboats, Performance Hulls, Step Hulls, PWC/Boat Combinations, Tri-Hulls, Sailboats, Multi-fit Configurations and more!!

Specialty boat trailers are all truly unique and customized for every boat they support. Because each boat is different, various trailer options are required to ensure the boat’s hull is properly taken care of. Loadmaster boat trailers are built for numerous styles of boats ranging in length from 18-52. For freshwater use our specialty boat trailers are custom painted, for saltwater use our trailers are hot dip galvanized, equipped with all stainless steel hardware and your choice of numerous brake options.


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Specialty boat trailers oftentimes require additional features to help the loading and launching process, as well as protect the hull and boat’s specifications. Tunnel Hull and Catamaran trailers require an altogether different bunking set up and bow stop assembly. Step Hull boats require specialized step hull bunking to protect the strakes and steps. Combination boat trailers are constructed to accommodate jet skis (PWC) and smaller boats or even to support a flatbed and a boat.

Full keel powerboats and Lobster boats often require a Keel Rest/Keel guide support and/or custom structural side guides. Supporting the keel is a very crucial element when designing a trailer which is why every Loadmaster Specialty Trailer is built to order and constructed specifically for the boat it will be accommodating.

Please call 800 258-6115 for a detailed quote on a Specialty Loadmaster Boat Trailer or submit the form on our website with the requested information on your boat and we will send you a quote shortly.