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Steel Boat Trailers: C Channel vs Tubing

At Loadmaster we only build using C Channel steel for one reason: rusting. The largest difference between C Channel and Tubing steel is that there is no way to prime or paint the inside of Tube Steel, so if moisture gets trapped inside the frame, the frame can rust from the inside out. Some people like the look of the tubing steel trailer better, however, because it looks smoother.

Another benefit to the C Channel steel is that the wires and components are available, so if something were to short or need to be fixed/replaced, you have accessibility to the wires. With the tubing steel everything is inside the frame making it difficult to do any tweaking to the internal components if needed. I am sure most C Channel steel trailer builders do as we do: where every component is sealed and fully submersible. Technically there is no “Right or Wrong”, as to which type of steel your trailer is built out of, but from an internal strength point of view, we believe the C Channel is definitely the way to go!

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