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Storing your boat this Winter?

As the boating season comes to an end for the seasonal boaters, it’s sad to think of tucking your boat away for the Winter time. Don’t forget to go through your checklist to ensure your boat is safe and taken care of during its’ hibernation.

One idea to consider is the cost savings of storing your boat on a trailer vs having the marina rack store it, or set it on pads. Also, with a boat trailer, you have the ability to find your own storage location without being at the mercy of a marina, which can usually save you thousands.

If you already have a trailer, remember that if you store the boat and trailer outside, you will want to cover your wheels to protect against dry rot. Also, be sure to set the tires to their maximum inflation to prevent any unnecessary damage. It is never a bad idea to place the tires of the trailer on wood/2X4’s or something flat rather than on gravel if possible.

There are numerous options available in terms of how to properly care for your boat and/or trailer during the months in which you are not able to boat. Little changes make a big difference!

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