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Oct 22, 2012 by Steve and Tiffany Woodward

Meg and the gang at Loadmaster.

Well we got the trailer home from Ohio to Oswego, NY with absolutely no issues. You can cut and paste anything I write here to your website, use the pictures and anything else I can do to help you out because I have to say, it is nice to do business with reputable people such as yourself.

As you can see, we got the boat loaded up. This is our 4th boat and everyone came with a "stock" trailer. This is our first attempt at a custom trailer. I will admit during this whole process I was skeptical. I didn't think a company in Ohio could take a piece of steel and wood and set a trailer up for a boat they never saw before just by a drawing. But your company pulled it off. We got the boat loaded after watching a guy haul his Sea Ray 280 with a non custom trailer right before us and the sag in the truck and trailer was amazing. I started to get even more worried. So then it was our turn. Got the boat loaded up and hauled it out and it was absolutely perfect. I pulled off to a flat area and the truck, trailer and boat were absolutely level. I inspected the bunks and they couldn't have been more perfect. The ease at which the boat came out of the water was phenomenal. As I went down the road I almost forgot it was there.

Your craftsmanship seems to be second to none. When I got the trailer the gold pinstripe I assumed was vinyl. I was absolutely shocked to see it was all hand painted on. What a special touch.

Meg did an outstanding job of emailing with me through the whole process and even making the licensing process simple and easy. Your explaination and attention to detail was out of this world. Just when I thought I would have a question to stump you, you came through with the right answer. You were patient with all my emails, but I was hesitant to buy a trailer 7 hours from home, but I am so glad I did. I am going to save so much in the long run of hauling costs, storage costs and everything else, I can not thank you enough.

Even the 3 dogs made us feel at home when we were there. I would also recommend a stop at Cheesehaven on the way out too. LOL.

Meg, thank you so much for your help, please let the artisans know that they should be very proud of their work. They are amazing as well as you in your sales expertise. I will definitely steer as much business your way as I can.

Sep 10, 2012 by Charlie Tibbs

The trip home was very good had no problems with the trailer. I just got the boat on the trailer last weekend and took it out for the first time today.

Everything worked great and I am very glad that I went with Electric breaks I dont have that thud whenever I come to a stop. Thank You very much.

Sep 05, 2012 by David Nagle

"My wife and brother in law thought I was insane - ordering a custom boat trailer from a company I found on the internet, in another state with people I had never met… maybe I was, but it worked out GREAT! I love my new trailer, and everything about the transaction went as smooth as silk. Diane and Gary were incredibly patient as I peppered them with questions about everything from brakes to lights to tandem axles and much more. Pricing was very reasonable, based on what I found elsewhere, especially given the fact that this trailer was custom built to my exact specs. They delivered on schedule, and even worked hard to arrange special shipping to New England which saved me money. Based on my experience, Loadmaster is a solid, family run business that knows what they are doing and cares about getting customers the right trailer - no overselling here. Hopefully I'll get to swing by the store some day to say hello in person, but for now I'll just endorse them whole-heartedly from afar! Thanks again."

Aug 26, 2012 by Eric Terrell


Thank you so much for your service. Everything went great and the trailer pulls perfect. Thats a big boat to load but I'm sure I will get better at it as I have more practice. Is there any public website where I could do a customer review?

Thank You

Aug 19, 2012 by Harold Albery

Got the trailer on Friday night. Worked out well with the driver. Placed the boat on the trailer yesterday. Had to adjust the outside bunks up about 3/8”. Other than that it fits like a glove. Looks great under the boat and tows like a dream. Thanks for a job well done. Marty Herman

Want to thank you for doing business with you and I took some pictures of my boat on the trailer. It sure looks good and excited to try it out.

Thanks to all at Loadmaster Trailer Co. for hospitality and good work.

Aug 15, 2012 by Tom Lyttle

I would like to thank you and the Loadmaster team for the excellent customer service and ongoing support.

Since we picked up the trailer in June, we have been able to use it for a number of local trips to Lake Ontario and one longer jaunt to eastern Ontario. We are thrilled with the trailer and how easy it is to haul and launch our boat. Many a time we have received compliments on the package, boat and trailer, and in turn I do not hesitate to heap praises on you and your company.

A Loadmaster trailer will be a prerequisite on our next boat.


Jun 13, 2012 by Liz Maple

Here is a pic of the new trailer and boat. Couldn't be happier! Fantastic work! Thanks again.

May 21, 2012 by Paul Flores

I'm extremely happy with the new trailer. The customized ladder on front is perfectly positioned, the side guides hug the boat like my first girlfriend, and winching the boat onto the trailer is effortless compared to my old roller trailer.

Great product! I started getting complements on the trailer even before I got it back to Texas.


May 08, 2012 by George R Holko Jr.

Just a few pix of the boat i brought up from sarasota fla. on the my new loadmaster trailer you built for me. in my 30 yrs. trailering boats i have never felt safer than with this trailer. 2400 miles round trip, the Trip down was great. the trip back with the boat on trailer i had a lot going against me. thunder storms in Georgia, an accident unfolded in front of me in columbia sc. and high winds in west virgina i was glad to have the proper equipment behind me to get the job done and make it back safely. Thanks again for putting the right package together for me.
oh and by the way i get more compliments on the trailer than the boat. but they look great together!


Apr 15, 2012 by Tom Blomme, Marshall, MN

I had Loadmaster Trailer build me a custom trailer for my 18' 1979 Eagle Pacific jet boat in 2010. Just want everyone to know I was absolutely 100% happy with the quality,looks and the price-I could hardly rebuild my old one for the price of this new one. Very nice and easy to work with Meg and the crew on a few extras I had them do.I have been waiting for some custom paint work on the boat before sending pics to Loadmaster Trailers to pin on their wall or put on the web.

Thanks Loadmaster Trailers

Loadmastertrailerco.com , USA 4.0 5.0 46 46 Meg and the gang at Loadmaster.Well we got the trailer home from Ohio to Oswego, NY with absolutely no issues. You can cut and paste anything I write here to your website, use

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