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Trailer Side Guides

One common trend we have noticed is that more and more customers are requesting side guides on their trailers. The bunking system on a new Loadmaster Trailer typically does not require a customer to purchase side guides because the bunks are contoured to fit the hull, while also provided full keel support. Typically making loading and launching a breeze without any sort of accessory’s assistance. However, we are hearing more people say that they like the visual impact the side guides have when the boat operator is getting ready to load the boat on the trailer.

At Loadmaster Trailer we tend to use an all structural style side guide with gel, non-marking rollers. We can also use a longer structural PVC style side guide. There is rounded steel reinforced inside the PVC to allow these guides to be far more structural than the after market style you can purchase at a store.

Most bass boaters or those with similar style trailers are used to the horizontal, carpeted bunk style side guide. We don’t typically recommend this style side guide support but are able to build them if really desired by our customers.

What many customers fail to realize at first is that all trailer manufacturers build a different style trailer. Some of the stock trailers that are more of a generic set up really do benefit by having the side guides as a loading tool. With proper bunking set up and keel support, oftentimes side guides are not needed unless you load at a really steep ramp where the boat’s hull does not make contact with any of the bunking, or if you load in a very windy or tidal situation.

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